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Time Detectives Trace the missing Bindoff twins, soldiers killed by the same shell in World War One:

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On UK TV's Meridian Tonight Programme
Talking to Fred Dinenage about his Family Tree
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Fred Dinenage Family Tree, ITV Meridian Tonight

See Carol McGiffin from ITV's "Loose Women" receiving her Family Tree here:

Carol McGiffin Family Tree

Personalised, Individual, Family History Services

  Family History is a series of silk slippers progressing downstairs, and hob nailed boots progressing upstairs.   Voltaire

Why should your family story be allowed to disappear forever?

Let Timedetectives do the time travelling to bring their stories back to life for you!


If your ancestors once lived in   Great Britain   (England,   Scotland, Wales, or Northern Ireland)   here is your opportunity to hear the patter and clump of the feet that brought your family to where they   are today.   Finding the stories of your ancestors breathes life back into people who would otherwise remain dead, buried, and forgotten.            


Every family has a story to tell, and now you can have yours told, history is not just for the famous.   You will be able to hang your family tree on the wall and point to each ancestor with pride knowing what they did in life, where they came from and went to.   Your ancestors   brought you here, wouldn't you like to listen to the story of their journey?

Family Tree Service

We have options for all budgets and, just like the many other happy customers quoted here, you will start a journey of discovery that will bring you your Family Tree and basic Family History.

Family Story Service

You can also opt   to bring the times they lived in and the deeper choices that faced your Family back to life with the expertly written Family Story Service.   You may feel that you can see them back in time labouring, laughing, and loving, on the journey to bring you here!    

We have not only traced family histories for  people in the UK, but also those whose ancestors moved to  America, Australia, Brazil, Canada, and South Africa.   Look inside to find out more.

Stuck for a Birthday, Christmas, or Wedding Gift? Why not give the gift of a Family's History, just click on the tab to order our Gift Voucher


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