Celebrity Family Trees

Why not find out what rout you favourite celebrity's family took to get where they are today?  One thing you can guarantee, they've ended up in   a very different place from where their families started!

Choose from Sportsmen, Actors, notorious Criminals, and Politicians, with more to be added over the coming weeks.  Either click on the links below or move your mouse over the Celebrity Tab at the side of this page:

Free: Danny Baker Cockney DJ

Free: Alan Titchmarsh, Yorkshire Gardener

Free: Michael Caine, Cockney Actor

£10: Kray Twins, Cockney Gangsters

Free: Frank Lampard, Chelsea, Westham, and England Footballer

Free: Harry Redknap, Football Manager

Free: Timothy Spall, Cockney Actor

Free: Ray Winstone, Cockney Hollywood Actor



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