Read Time Detectives' Mensa Article concerning "Vector Ancestors", below is a comment from a Mensa member and customer of Time Detectives:

"I shared your article with a friend of mine who was just back from Peru where he is building a string of orphanages that will accommodate and educate children so that they will have a trade to follow when they are old enough to leave.  Various towns are donating land, and he is raising millions of dollars to build and staff them with people who can teach and mentor the children. 

He has told me that he has used the conclusions from your research as part of his presentation to potential fund raisers to illustrate the critical effect of education on the wellbeing of multiple generations.  

In the fullness of time you will have helped write a different history for hundreds of children.  This seems to me like the ultimate application of what you have discovered whilst researching family histories.


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