The Early Family

The Early name has one of three possible derivations.  The most common is as a derivative of “Earley” as a name to identify someone from the village of Earley (which translates out of old English into Modern English as “Eagle Wood”) in Berkshire on the outskirts of Reading, the further away from Berkshire the more likely that the “e” would be dropped and the name would be written in the common usage sense as “Early”.  The second is as a mediaeval nickname for someone who had a reputation for being an “early riser”.  The last is a nickname from Old English "Eorlic" which means “manly”.  Given the widespread nature of the name across most of England it is highly likely that it had several different local origins.  Although there is no direct evidence that they originated in Earley in Berkshire, this is the most likely genesis of the Family.


What the origins of this particular part of the family were is not clear before their appearance in the Milling Town of Witney, Oxfordshire probably in the 17th century after the upheavals of the civil war in England.  They may well have come north from Berkshire due to the great social unrest at the time.  Here they set up the Early Blanket Weaving Dynasty in the Town.  The particular branch of the family we are concerned with here then migrated east to the the Market Town of Halstead Essex in the early 18th century setting up a Blanket making business there.   

The Family then went into the building trade and moved to South London.


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