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Personalised, Individual, Family History Services

  Family History is a series of silk slippers progressing down stairs, and hob nailed boots progressing upstairs.   Voltaire


Family Tree Service £600

We will trace and record your Family Tree, typically through your own Surname, back at least 200 years, and we may get back even earlier.      

What You Get:

Framed Family Tree

A Framed Family Tree with the details we have uncovered, which will include; Birth, Marriage, and Death dates and locations, plus Occupations, and possibly Military Service.  It will show descent from one of your distant ancestors to the individual of your choice.Your Family Tree will be produced on high quality paper and framed.



Family Tree Report

You will also receive a Family Tree Report containing the detail of the facts we have uncovered.  You will see the your family history generation by generation down through the centuries.  Discover when and where they were born, who they married, when they died.  You may see how they moved to different towns and villages through the ages in search of a better life.  In some cases it may even be possible to discover how they served their Country by their Military Service.



Family Tree CD


On your personalised CD you will receive all the Trees, and Reports listed above plus overview trees showing all details for all people mentioned in the Report and Story, which you can browse and print at your leisure.


"This week, thanks to Paul at www.timedetectives.co.uk who did my family tree, I discovered that I'm of Irish descent which meant that I had a proper excuse to celebrate St Patrick's Day at last!" Carol McGiffin (from TV's Loose Women) in Best Magazine 24th March 2009.

"I was amazed at how quickly you produced the Tree!  It has thrown up some interesting facts, like the fact that so many of my ancestors came from Wales, which I was completely unaware of." J. Mallinder, West Sussex.

"I was overwhelmed by the facts you found out, this was the best present I could've had.  Next I will be visiting some of the places my ancestors lived in.  Thanks again." R. Blake, Kent.

"Just to let you know I received the Family Tree today and I gave it to my mum who is delighted with it.  Thank you so much for the work you have done, and I will certainly recommend you to anyone else looking to persue their family tree.  Thank you again it was a pleasure doing business with you!"  J. McLoughlin, Birmingham.

What we need from you:

Just give us a few details concerning a family surname, such as full names, birth, marriage, and death dates, whatever you currently know, and we do the rest.   The more information you start us with the further and faster we can trace back. Just place your order via the order form and and make your payment via the paymnent page, or contact paulmcneil@timedetectives.co.uk it's as easy as that!

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If you'd like to see a copy of a sample Family Tree Report click on the link below to download an example of one prepared for the McNeil Family as a basic example, this will give you an idea of the kind of thing you would see in your report, your report is guaranteed to take your family back at least 200 years from the present, and could take it further back than this



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