Frank Lampard's Family Tree 

Frank Lampard Family Tree
Big fan of Chelsea, Westham, or England?  Why not treat yourself to Frank Lampard's Family Tree.  Contains Frank Junior and Frank Senior.  See nearly 300 years of Frank's ancestors; were they always Londoners?  What did they do for a living, and did they serve their country in the Military the way Frank served England in Football?  All this and more in Frank's Family Tree. 

The surname Lampard has two possible derivations, the first is from the village of Lamport in Northamptonshire, and the second, and much more common derivation is from the Christian name of “Lambert” which became very popular in England after the Norman Conquest and through the middle ages.  Because of this the name is far more widespread in the southern counties of England especially around the counties of London and Wiltshire.


Frank’s ancestors are first found in the London and Kent areas, and their surname was most likely be derived from “Lambert” rather than any other derivation.

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