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There are three possible derivations for the name Lock, this multiple derivation is reflected in the name’s spread across most counties of England through many unrelated families. 


The first derivation refers to a nickname for a person with lustrous hair, as in beautiful “locks”, the second is a local name for a dweller by a river lock or a gated field or enclosure the word “lock” meaning a wicket gate in Middle English, or finally, it could refer to a family who were the “Lock Keepers” on a river or enclosure.  Which of these derivations is the correct one for this Lock Family is not known, although given that a baldness gene runs through the male side of the family “Lock” as in lustrous locks seems unlikely!


We first come upon our Locks, originating in Newington, now in South London, but which was in Surrey at the time near the south bank of the Thames.  In 1851 we find Joseph Lock, a 15 year old Surgeon’s Errand Boy languishing in Brixton Prison, probably for a minor offence of theft or affray, as by 1852 he is out again and fathering a child with his fourteen year old girlfriend Elizabeth Brittian. 


Parts of the family, men, women, and children, will work for the next four generations throughout the nineteenth century and into the twentieth century in the Dustman’s trade, and associated trades of Scavengers, and Vestry Carmen.


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