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Ray Winstone Family Tree 

Ray Winstone Family Tree
Big fan of the award winning cockney actor?  Why not treat yourself to Ray Winstone's Family Tree.  See over 200 years of Ray's ancestors: Were they always Londoners? What did they do for a living.  All this and more in Ray Winstone's Family Tree. 

The name “Winstone” originates from the Village of the same name, in this case in the county of Gloucestershire, although there are other villages of that name in other counties.  The village itself where the family originated is a parish in the hundred of Bisley, six miles North West of Cirencester, and nine miles from Cheltenham. The village is situated near the high road between Cirencester and Gloucester, under the Cotswold Hills. Stapleton and Fishponds where the family first appear in the records is about thirty miles from Winstone, on the outskirts of Bristol, and Bristol in the 18th century would have attracted artisans from all over the area.


Just as work drew the family away from the village of Winstone, so it also took its toll on the Family in Fishponds; drawing some into the centre of Bristol, another branch to Wales, and Ray’s branch to London both South and North of the Thames.


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